Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons Schedule


5PM – Inspections

9PM – Torchlight Tournament

10PM – AEthelmearc 500


9AM – Inspections

10AM – 1130AM – Gage Meet and Beat

Noon – Battles Commence
Field Battles (with Combat Archery in 1-4): Will run 5x, the losing side after each engagement will get a five second head start at the next engagement.
Water break and move to Bridges (10min)

Bridge Battles: Two separate Bridges, will be fought 3x, to the last man (no Resurrections), no CA in the 3rd Bridge battle. Any fighter stepping over the side of the bridge is considered to have fallen to their death. CA is not restricted from being on either bridge or firing in a specific direction.

10 min Water Break and move to Gates

Bannered Gates: Resurrection Battle (20min), Wall with 3 gates (2x 9ft & 1x 18ft). Each side has 3 Resurrection points, 2 with banners close to the smaller gates, and 1 centered on the large gate 50ft back from the line. The bannered res. Points are usable only as long as the banners are standing upright. Opposing fighters may knock the banners down and kill the res. Point. The center back res point is a permanent res point and is un-killable. Win condition is control of the most number of gates at end of 20minutes. Gates in Contest are marked off in 9ft square per side and fought to the last man