Arts and Sciences

Greetings!  Welcome back to Blackstone Mountain, we hope you have a great time with us this year!  Once again, we will be holding Arts & Science activities in the Crafthouse beside the Merchant’s Area, and all are welcome to stop by.  We have several rooms available for classes, meetings, gatherings, teas, or whatever you would like to schedule!  Simply contact, Lady Kathryn MacLuing.
We will be having our annual A&S competition on Saturday from 10a-4p. There is no theme, so all entries are welcome.  We are asking for minimal documentation, preferably a single-page with your SCA name, what the entry is, where it was from, who might have used it, and a brief paragraph on how you created it.
All Entries should be on display prior 10:30a. Populace Judging will last until 4p. All Entries should be picked up prior to 4:30p, when the building will be closed for Crown Prep.
The Winner of the Competition will be decided by Populace Vote, with a separate prize for Baroness’ Choice (And possibly a Queen’s Choice, should she so decree).  Winners will receive a small prize during Court.
We hope to have a full schedule of classes on Saturday, starting at 11p and going until 4p.  If you wish to run a Class, PLEASE CONTACT me prior to April 1st, so your class is included in the Blackstone Raids Site Pamphlet.
So far, there is only ONE (1) class on the schedule, so we are looking for teachers to share their knowledge.  Last year’s classes were well attended, and we have several young gentles eager to learn more about the Arts of the SCA.
Classroom 1
11a: “Lawful Evil: The History of Cruel and Unusual Punishment” by Lord Sasson della Sancta Victoria. This will be a overview of the various ways people were punished for their sins (real or imagined)
1p-3p (two hour class): “Poisoners Delight” by Lord Sasson della Sancta Victoria.  This is a combination of Lord Sasson’s classes on poisons, their use, and how to create a (non-toxic) poison pill from a period recipe.
Classroom 2
Scribal Activities with Mistress Anoitnette de la Croix
Lessons on immulination and calligraphy techniques with be held throughout the day.  A scriptorium will be held all those who have projects they wish to work on.